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All of our steaks are served with parsley butter, skin-on fries, balsamic beef tomato and our famous onion rings.

A firm texture and rich flavour, recommended medium

‎£ 15.99

A delicate flavour balanced with a firmer texture, recommended medium rare

‎£ 17.99

Bursting with flavour, recommended medium

‎£ 22.99
From The Smoker

Smoked for 16 hours, our brisket is served with house-slaw, skin-on fries, pickles & our secret BBQ sauce.

‎£ 14.99

Our baby back ribs are rubbed in secret dry rubs, sopped then smoked for 4 hours. Served with skin-on fries & house slaw.

‎£ 18.99

This cut has been lovingly smoked for 14 hours & comes served with barbecue beans, skin-on fries & house slaw.

‎£ 13.99

All of our burgers are served with skin-on fries, house slaw and our famous onion rings

Double-stacked, buttermilk marinated fried chicken, topped with American style cheese, tangy creole mayo, crisp lettuce & tomatoes.

‎£ 13.99

Two classic beef patties served with crisp lettuce, onions, pickles, house BBQ sauce, cripsy bacon & American style cheese.

‎£ 13.99

Southern fried chicken, a prime beef patty, a golden hash brown, crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, American style cheese & tangy creole mayo.

‎£ 14.99